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Dr. Udo Fluck has had the pleasure of presenting his cultural awareness and global competency trainings and seminars to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government and educational institutions. 

Hear from many who have worked with Udo below. 

Robert Seidenschwarz

Past President

Montana World Affair Council

“Udo’s ability to convey his subject matter and expertise is second to none. In my experience, there are few individuals that bring the dedication, passion, intellect, and ability to communicate the subject matter as well as Udo Fluck. I have worked directly with Udo on several collaborations and have been present at numerous conferences where he presented. When it comes to helping people understand cultural awareness there is nobody better!

Daniel Bognar

Undersecretary for Education    Ministry of Education

State of Hessen, Germany

“Dr. Fluck is a recognized capacity in the field of multicultural and diversity education, and I am not just repeating conference introductions of him, I have observed this to be true, first-hand, when I attended the 2015Global Competence Summer Academy, he developed and led.”

Christopher Warden
Vice President

Washington Companies

“ As an executive of a large, multinational corporation, I am keenly aware of the direct link between multicultural competence and business success. The program Dr. Fluck pioneered at the University of Montana would be an invaluable addition to the curriculum of any business professional.”

Major General U.S. Air Force Donald Loranger
Defense Critical Language and Culture Program 

“Dr. Fluck’s leadership in fostering an environment which recognizes the importance of multicultural understanding and respect is more than just unparalleled, it embodies a critically needed component of our national psyche in successfully meeting the challenge of our increasingly interconnected world.”

Mark Thane
Past Superintendent
Missoula County Public Schools

“We continue to be well served by classroom teachers who have developed the capacity to address multicultural and global issues because of Dr. Fluck’s efforts. Over the past three years, nearly 60 teachers have participated in his trainings and are now seeking opportunities to embed multicultural content into their classroom instruction.”

Donna Anderson, Ph.D.

Senior International Officer & Executive Director Global Engagement Office 
University of Montana

“Dr. Fluck brings intercultural theory and practice to life in well-crafted, thoughtful, engaging workshops and trainings.  For many years, Dr. Fluck has brought dynamic seminars to the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows program at the University of Montana’s Global Engagement Office and English Language Institute.  Participants from around the world comment on how well Dr. Fluck captures their experiences in navigating and adjusting to a new culture and provides practices they can implement from day one.”

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