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Since the mid-90’s, Fluck has been the author, co-author and presenter of numerous research studies and presenter at national and international conferences in the fields of business and education. As a published lead-author, his research results in pedagogy, instructional design and course content development have been published in established peer–reviewed academic journals, such as the Journal of Global Business and the Journal of Teaching in International Business.

In addition, he has been the invited first author for a chapter in nationwide publication titled: International Students Strengthening a Critical Resource, endorsed by the American Council on Education. While he has presented and published primarily as a lead author, Fluck has also collaborated with colleagues and researchers from his Alma Mater, as well as from other US universities on scholarly articles.


Topics of interest are: Cross-Cultural Management, Cross-Cultural Perspectives into Business Practices, Cultural and Global Competence, Cultural Intelligence, International Media Management, Multicultural and Diversity Education, Instructional Technology, and Instructional Broadcast Media.

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